Preparing football matches:

Prep Kit

Specifically produced for football matches, our comprehensive Preparation Kit is a crucial media tool. It contains statistics of historical results, a head-to-head overview as well as squad information and detailed player facts.

Bundesliga: Borussia Dortmund - FC Bayern München

Champions League: Juventus - Manchester United



Our editorial stats team provides the most important and unique ‘Facts & Figures’ ahead of a match (round).

BundesLiga: Matchround 11 

Premier League: Matchround 12

Event Guide

Our Event Guides are indispensable handbooks on the world’s biggest sporting events (such as the World Cup Football). Event Guides contain the most important statistics related to the competition and display data on all the countries and athletes taking part.
Our Event Guides have proven to be the best source of information on the market. 

FIFA World Cup 2018

During football matches:

SportsDesk Live

The SportsDesk Live service is provided by our editorial stats team. It offers sports media professionals essential information and unique angles as they tell the story of an event. SportsDesk Live is available for a wide range of football leagues, and also contains a live Q&A service for clients to ask questions about the action as it happens.

The live Facts & Figures feed is available on any device and is a vital tool for our media clients covering football.

Top 5 Domestic Leagues in Europe

Champions League

European Championship 2016


Reviewing football matches:


Our editorial stats team provides the most important ‘Facts & Figures’ immediately after a match (round) has finished.


Champions League

Round Up

A Round Up contains statistical insights that cover every match played over a season in a specific league. A Round Up is produced after every match round.

La Liga

FIFA World Cup 2018

Media Services Product Overview Football

League Prep Kit Preview SportsDesk Live Review Round Up  
England - Premier League x x x   x  
Spain - La Liga x x x   x  
Italy - Serie A x x x   x  
Germany - Bundesliga x x x   x  
France - Ligue 1 x x x      
Netherlands - Eredivisie* x x x x x  
Champions League x x x x x  
Europa League x          
Denmark - Superliga* x x x x x  
Norway - Tippeliga* x x     x  
Sweden - Allsvenskan* x x     x  
Belgium - Jupiler Pro League x       x  
Portugal - Primeira Liga x          
Russia - Premier League x          
Scotland - Premier League x          
England - Championship (2) x          
Netherlands - Jupiler League (2) x          
USA & Canada - Major League Soccer x          
European Super Cup x          
FIFA World Club Cup x          
Domestic Cup Finals   x        
Tournament Prep Kit Preview SportsDesk Live Review Round Up Event Guide
World Cup x x x x x x
European Championship x x x x x x
World Cup Women x x       x
World Cup Qualifiers  x x        
European Ch. Qualifiers  x x        

All content is in English, except * (= local language)

We can offer our services for any football league on request​

Q&A: If we can’t answer it, no one can

Our team of experienced sports specialists will answer your questions. Whether it is a simple fact check or a large scale research project, our dedicated SportsDesk Q&A team delivers answers quickly and accurately.


  • Football players from Manchester United who have scored on their birthday?
  • The average age of the Netherlands 1998 World Cup Football team?


Example of large scale research project :

  • Can you list the total number of goals scored by the three FC Barcelona forwards over the last 10 seasons in all competitions?



Season Player 1 Goals   Player 2 Goals   Player 3 Goals Total 
2005/06 Eto'o     34   Ronaldinho 26   Larsson    15 75
2006/07 Eto'o 13   Ronaldinho 23   Messi 17 53
2007/08 Eto'o 18   Henry 19   Messi 16 53
2008/09 Eto'o 36   Henry 26   Messi 38 100
2009/10 Ibrahimovic 21   Pedro 21   Messi 45 87
2010/11 Villa 23   Pedro 22   Messi 53 98
2011/12 Alexis 14   Xavi 13   Messi 71 98
2012/13 Villa 16   Fabregas 14   Messi 60 90
2013/14 Alexis 21   Pedro 19   Messi 41 81
2014/15* Neymar 28   Suarez 18   Messi 45 91

* As of April 16th 2015


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